Donnay Tennis Racquet: The Right Answer for Ryan Young

Many athletes face pain and injury from time-to-time. Sadly, it happens. However, Donnay has found the answer to tennis elbow, tennis shoulder, and other tennis related injuries.

Take Ryan Young, from Charleston, as the perfect example. Ryan has been playing tennis since the age of four. By the time he reached the junior level of competition, he was breaking and setting records that seemed nearly unbreakable. Ryan was soon ready for college and took on a Division I challenge at Clemson University. While at Clemson, Ryan was encouraged, by his coach to go pro. Everything seemed to be falling into place.

Ryan Young was a professional tennis player for three years. He was just getting into a comfortable routine as a professional athlete, when he was sidelined due to tennis related injuries. Over the past year he has gone through two surgeries to repair his torn shoulder. Ryan’s statistics drastically decreased and the matches that were supposed to be easy wins, turned into challenging losses. Ryan needed a resolution for his tennis injury pain .

Ryan found the solution in the solid core Donnay tennis racquet.

When Ryan started using his Donnay racquet he instantly felt a difference in his performance and his tennis elbow.  He was back and ready to get play to his highest level of performance!

Tune in as he shares his Donnay tennis racquet story, below:

Tell Us Your Donnay Tennis Racket Story

“Right away I really liked it! I never felt any vibration in the Donnay racket.” – Ryan Young

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Donnay Tennis Racquet Technology: ‘Arm Safe’ XēneCore

The Donnay brand has aligned it’s racquet design with the engineering mantra, “Arm Safe Performance.” Why? Because Donnay tennis racquets are backed with the groundbreaking XēneCore Technology, which helps protect your arm from serious ailments such as tennis elbow and frozen shoulder, all while increasing performance and ensuringDonnay Tennis Racquet Technology your longevity in the sport!

So, what is XēneCore exactly? XēneCore is a leading carbon composite manufacturer that develops lightweight, high strength, and shock absorbent composites that we, at Donnay, use within our revolutionary arm safe racquets.

XēneCore provides an increased tensile strength for a harder hit on the court, while the composition allows any object to have thinner outer layers. This technology is what makes a Donnay tennis racquet less taxing on the arm.

With the racquet’s solid inner core, vibration and shock are almost entirely eliminated, greatly decreasing the impact the ball has on your playing arm! Yes, you’re reading this right… XēneCore provides more caution where you need it the most – on the court!

Already thrilled over the tennis safety features offered by the pioneering XēneCore technology? Then don’t wait another minute! Lean on the industry’s longest tennis racquet demo program to test your very own Donnay tennis racquet today. We promise, you’ll learn ‘first-swing’ what all the fuss is about! That being said, the ball is in your court.

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Donnay Tennis Racquets Put Bradley Frohman Back in the Game

What’s your Donnay story? Everybody has one.

Bradley Frohman nearly quit tennis because of his terrible Donnay Tennis Racquets - What's Your Tennis Racket Story?experience with tennis elbow, which took all ‘fun’ out of the sport for him.

Once a top ranked player in the Mid-Atlantic 50’s, he quickly found himself losing to competitors at the basic 50 level and even those at the 45 (which he’d never done before). It was impossible for him to keep up because of the painful feeling penetrating his shoulder as he swung his conventional hollow-bodied racket.

Ready to give up on his passion, he made the switch to solid core Donnay tennis racquets, some of the best in the industry for players suffering from tennis elbow.  He bought three of them and has found that he is once again winning, beating players at the 45 and 50 level! Frohman has even rediscovered his love for tennis!

Tune in as he shares his Donnay story, below:

Tell Us Your Donnay Tennis Racket Story

“My arm is back at full strength and so is my game with my new Donnay tennis racket!” –Bradley Frohman

Do you have a story to share about relieving tennis elbow pain by simply switching out your tennis racquet? Let it be heard by visiting to submit your testimonial. Simply click on ‘Share Your Story’ to provide your contact information and video story URL.

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Tennis Injuries Affect Adult Pro Players, Too!

It seems every time we click on the television to watch our favorite tennis matches, there is another taped shoulder greeting our eyes…

Tennis Arm Injuries | The Growing EpidemicTennis Arm Injuries | Tennis Safety


Last week we spoke to the common story of tennis injuries among juniors. Yet, injuries in the sport of tennis are not exclusive to juniors alone. Many adult pros suffer from the same arm pains that plague tennis players more often than not. Whether it’s shoulder pain, tennis elbow pain, or wrist pain – it’s still pain.

Tennis Racquets Down: Roddick and Clijsters Retire

Mere weeks ago, at the 2012 U.S. Open, both Kim Clijsters and Andy Roddick announced their retirement, willingly storing their tennis racquets on the shelf (so to speak). Injuries were not cited as a reason, but it’s understood that both of these top players had been down the injury road not too long ago.

Kim Clijsters Tennis ProIn April of 2011, Kim Clijsters’ experienced both shoulder and ankle injuries. Having taken time off to heal her shoulder, she also endured a bad ankle sprain. This kept her off the court for quite a few weeks and put the French Open and Wimbledon matches in front of her at significant risk.

Only one month later, in May of 2011, Andy Roddick, who had previously complained of shoulder pain as early as the 2010 Australian Open, withdrew from the 2011 French Open with a shoulder injury. His absence at this tournament came as a huge disappointment for American tennis fans. The pro player, who won a slam Andy Roddick Tennis Proback in the 2003 U.S. Open, was forced to pull out of his doubles event and his singles match.

In the public eye, the Clijsters and Roddick retirements were not pinned on tennis injuries. It’s poignant, however, that both of these spirited players had to endure such weakening injuries only a year before they chose to leave the game. We know the media paints a pretty picture when our favorite pros decide to step out of the limelight, but we also know that tennis arm injuries can be devastating to the body (and a pro career).

Concerned that you’re playing with the wrong tennis racquet? Don’t be afraid to share your concern. Join the movement for raising awareness of injuries present in the tennis industry by filling out the ITF Injury Awareness Petition.

Has your tennis racquet caused injury to your arm? Visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website to Report Your Injury. We encourage any of our readers who’ve found that a particular racquet has caused damage to their arm to report their findings to organizations that will listen.

Turns out, we’re listening too! So, don’t forget to drop us a line here on our Arm Safe Performance blog.

Agassi’s ‘Organic’ Donnay Tennis Racquet Endorsement: The Best Deal Money Can’t Buy

Donnay Racquet in Use by Andre AgassiWe’ve been peppered with calls and e-mails here at Donnay after a story ran last week in the tennis trade bible, RSI Magazine, reporting that Andre Agassi recently bought 46 Donnay‘s X-P Dual tennis racquets from us. The question most asked in disbelief is, “Are you really NOT paying him to play?”

To set the record straight, the RSI article is absolutely true. Andre did a blind play test of 25 tennis racquet frames from four different manufacturers and chose the Donnay X-P on its performance merits, with no (purse) strings attached.

But, we can appreciate the dumfounded cynicism out there about the very idea of a modern celebrity using a product that he or she isn’t getting paid to eat, drink, wear, drive…or in this case, use to smack a fuzzy yellow ball. Especially since Andre and Head Racquets have been inseparable since 1993, a year after he won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon wielding the original Donnay Pro One.

The Donnay-Agassi ‘no-deal’ deal flies in the face of modern deal-happy celebrities who attach their names and likenesses to just about any brand that’s willing to pay the big bucks, even if they don’t necessarily use it, as was the case of Britney Spears and Pepsi in 2001. She signed a multi-million dollar ad deal with the soft-drink brand that that was suddenly terminated when she was caught on camera guzzling a Coke.

Today, skeptical and sophisticated consumers wonder: Does Sarah Jessica Parker actually color her hair with Garnier? ‘Only her hairdresser knows for sure,’ to borrow a classic advertising slogan. And does LeBron really wear those $315 Nike signature shoes he endorses? Probably, but it wouldn’t be the first time a superstar painted over his trusty and beloved sneaks with the Nike Swoosh.

Pro tennis players in particular are notorious for endorsing tennis racquets they don’t really use. Roger Federer’s personal racquet customizer told a reporter in 2010 that his client’s sticks aren’t the BLX variety he hawks, but cosmetized versions of his old Pro Staff models.  Thomas Muster, the former World No 1 player from Austria, was once asked by a reporter why he switched from a Kneissl model to a Head racquet. He candidly answered, “Same racquet. New paint job.”

Tennis Racquet Used by Petra KvitovaLook at a photo of the racquet Petra Kvitova uses in her WTA Tour matches. It has Wilson’s Perimeter Weighting System (PWS) that is distinctive and unmistakable because PWS consists of two bulges at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions on the racquet face. The model she advertises – the Wilson Steam 100 BLX – is smooth and bulge-less and belongs in the Pro Staff family of Wilson racquets.

What we love about Agassi’s ‘no-deal’ deal with Donnay is that it’s an extremely rare case of genuine organic interest from the tennis legend, not the usual play-for-pay.

It’s the kind of endorsement that affirms the quality of our brand. And that’s something not even Nike money can buy.

Andre Agassi’s Donnay Tennis ‘No-Deal’ Deal Q&A Break Down

You’ve got questions about Agassi’s use of Donnay tennis racquets and we’ve got answers…

Q: Did fellow X-P user and fellow senior tour player Jim Courier or Roman Prokes, Agassi’s racquet customizer and Donnay retail dealer, talk Andre into playing with Donnay racquets?

  • A: No. Andre’s decision was strictly his own, following an extensive blind play test.

Q: Will Donnay try to formalize its relationship with Andre contractually?

  • A: There are no plans at this time. Our understanding is that he strictly wants a tennis racquet that will help him best compete at the highest level. For now, he’s strictly Donnay’s biggest single customer with his massive order of frames.

Q: Is Agassi getting a discount?

  • A: Yes, he’s receiving a volume discount on the frames.

Q: Didn’t Agassi have a lifetime deal with Head?

  • A: We have no idea of what his relationship is with any current or former sponsor.

Q: Didn’t Agassi hate his original Donnay Pro One?

  • A: According to Andre’s autobiography, “Open,” his coach, Nick Bolletieri, forced the racquet on him because he had cut a deal with a previous owner of the brand. He went back to his old racquet – the Prince Graphite – until Donnay got it right. We didn’t take over Donnay until 2009. Here’s what one chatter on the Tennis Warehouse boards had to say about that: “The new line of [Donnay] racquets is nothing like the old, and there is no greater witness for that than Andre himself. Once upon a time you couldn’t pay him a gazillion dollars to swing a Donnay; now he’s paying for them out of his own pocket. That’s quite a turnaround.” We, at Donnay, wholeheartedly agree.

Have a question about Agassi’s ‘no-deal’ deal with Donnay? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll follow up right here on our Arm Safe Performance blog.

Donnay Tennis Racquets ‘Take a Swing’ at Blogging with New ‘Arm Safe Performance’ Blog

Whether you already know and love Donnay, or you’re just getting to know Donnay – our ‘Arm Safe Performance’ blog is going to be your one stop shop for Donnay tennis racquet news and tennis safety information.

What Do We Know About Tennis Racquets?

The Donnay wheels started spinning in 1910 when Emile Donnay founded the company. “In 1934, the Donnay company built its first wooden tennis racket.” By 1969, Donnay brand tennis racquets were the choice of the world’s top players including Rod Laver, Margaret Court, Cliff Dysdale, Bjorn Borg and Andre Agassi. Want to know who’s playing with us now? Check out our current list of Donnay tennis pros at:

Donnay Tennis Racquets Launches Arm Safety Performance Blog“Donnay is a heritage tennis brand for the ages. Donnay racquets have been used to win every major tennis tournament in the world and continues its heritage today” with the Donnay X-Series™ racquets which use XēneCore™ technology. “XēneCore’s multiple core and versatility enabled Donnay to create “Shock Armour,” where cavities are closed and open to prevent the dissemination of shock to the arm. As a result, the game of tennis is able to advance to the next level of performance while gaining control, stability and safety.”

For the first time in tennis, racquets can provide safety without limiting performance.

Arm Safe Performance: Hit the Court with Donnay

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